Clinical Trails

Clinical Trails

A clinical trail is a type of research study. Clinical trails test new treatments and compare them to available treatments (the usual way doctors treat certain health conditions or diseases). The Food and Drug Administration requires clinical trails before a new medication can be approved. Sometimes it is necessary to compare an experimental treatment with a placebo (inactive treatment) when no standard treatment exists.

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More Questions on Clinical Trails

Clinical trails are the engine of medical progress. There is great need for people to take part in clinical trails because that is how researchers learn more about diseases and develop better treatments.

Participants volunteer for a variety of reasons. They may be looking for a treatment solution that is superior to their current conventional therapy. They may want to learn more about their own health or take a more active role in their own healthcare. They may not have health insurance and would receive investigational drugs, associated visits, x-rays, and labs free of charge. Or, they may want to help in the search for better health for people in the future.

Our trails enable patients and community members to gain access to drug treatments not routinely available elsewhere.