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Advanced Treatment for Osteoporosis and Inflammatory Disorders

Patients whose conditions are best managed through advanced infusion therapy appreciate the expert care and comfortable surroundings offered by Arthritis and Rheumatism Associates’ practice-based centers. Our convenient location and our physicians' long record of involvement in clinical research trails provide patients with convenient access to the latest medications available for their treatments. This combination of benefits represents a level of service unparalleled in most clinical settings.

Arthritis Center Of Orlando has provided infusion services to our patients since 2013. Our attractive practice-based infusion centers are staffed by registered nurses with infusion experience and offer patients a comfortable and convenient office setting in which to receive treatment.

Through its clinical trails program, ARA has evaluated numerous new medicines for a broad spectrum of conditions. This commitment to research not only enhances the ongoing medical care provided to patients, it also provides our physicians with early access to new therapies that may not yet be available elsewhere.

Working with Our Physicians

Patients who are referred for infusion will first see one of our physicians who will take a medical history and conduct any necessary preliminary investigations. Our physicians have extensive knowledge and experience in the infusion of bisphosphonates and biologics for the treatment of rheumatologic and inflammatory disorders.

Our ACLS trained physicians and nurses are always on site when patients receive their infusions. Physicians are also on call after hours in the event a patient has a delayed infusion reaction.

After each infusion, an ACO physician or infusion nurse will send a letter of notification to the referring physician. This is to keep the primary care physician informed and allow for the timely scheduling of patient follow-up visits or any adjustments in dosing. ACO physicians will schedule follow-up visits for patient monitoring if necessary, but always respect the role of the directing primary care physician for this therapy.

The staff at the Infusion Center have been wonderful to me. The staff has treated me with respect and kindness. I could not ask for more.

-Wendy T

The Biologics

There are a number of biologic drugs available. The right biologic drug for a particular patient depends on the disease being treated and multiple other factors, which are unique to each person’s case.

Biologics are drug therapies that are designed to specifically target and inhibit a part of the immune system that is overactive. Some conditions often treated with our infusion services include the following conditions and medications